#12) Position Lock and Floaty Tweaks

I didn’t expect to work on the game today, but some free time came my way so I started on some other things that I’ve been wanting to get to.

Locking player position to be able to easier fire precision shots was a pretty easy little addition. Locking gun angles, on the other hand, is proving to be a confusing mess. I’m getting windows error sounds when I hold the angle lock button and try to move. It’s weird. The angles outside of the angle lock seemed to still be working, which is a good sign since I changed the verbiage to account for new variables. I just don’t have the right formula yet. Once I do get the right one for the gun angles, I should be able to apply it to the bullet firing angles as well fairly easily. this one is a doozy.

I also changed the wing animation on floaty dude during my lunch break. I think it looks better now.

Time Spent Today: 1.5 – 2 hours.

#11) Floaty McTentacleface

Today I broke apart the art that Kale sent for floaty dude and put it in Spriter (Professional thanks to my lovely girlfriend, Sandra). I created floating, pre-tentacle face with flapping wings, the tentacle thing busting out of his face, and a floaty post tentacled dude. I may increase the float height and amount, but I’m not sure about it yet. I think it looks decent. He has little moving things in his stomach too. It’s not bad for an 8 frame animation.

I also messed around with the gun angles a little bit. It’s still effed up, but not to the extent that it was before. Stupid keyboards and their ability to hit right and left or up and down at the same time. If it weren’t for that, the controls would be golden. On the controller, it’s right as rain.

Next, I’m probably going to fix the player arm sprites. Create new upward  and downward facing arms and tack them on to the sprite sheet and index script. It’s pretty awesome being able to tack things onto pre-exisiting groundwork that I’ve lain without much trouble. It makes me feel like I’m kind of doing something right. After that, I may try to tackle locking gun angles and player position. I have a theory that should work for each of them. The locking gun is going to be much more complicated than the locking player position, but….I know it can be done. I’m going for the control scheme of Shattered Soldier. That shit is tight yo.

That’s it for today. Until next time.

_Doombrowski Exits

Time Spent Today: 3.5 hours

#10) Floaty Dude is now also Shooty Dude

Without too much struggle, I managed to get floaty dude to shoot random bursts and wander. I also found some issues with the player mask that I didn’t realize were issues until bullets started flying at him. So I have the standing and crouching masks squared away. In changing these masks, I realized some issues with the door masks and room transition from bottom to top, so I did some tweaks on that as well.

It sounds like I did more than I did…Or maybe I just did a lot in a relatively short amount of time. I dunno. But what I do know is that floaty dude is ready for some animations and I just got Spriter Pro for Christmas. He’s gonna be lookin’ good pretty soon.

Also, on a different note, bought a bunch of games on the Steam sale recently and Axiom Verge is pretty sweet. It has some of the same elements that I’m including in my game, so it’s kind of nice to play something that’s a little more complete with a similar feel. Well, a lot more complete seeing how it’s finished and all.

Onward to newer game ventures!

Time spent today: 1.5-2 hours

#9) More Floaty Dude

So, this floaty dude taught me about the difference between place_meeting and position_meeting. With large masks, position_meeting is the way to go. I fixed all of the issues that I had leftover from the other day and it was pretty much all with simple position_meeting changes.

Didn’t work much today, and didn’t add attacks or alarms that I plan on adding but….it’s better than nothing.

Time spent today: 30-45 minutes.

#8) Little Bit of Floaty Dude

Messing with Kale’s floaty dude sprite today. Just doing basic left and right movement. Running into some annoyances with the oneway platforms, but I’m sure I can figure it out when I have more time to sit down and think about it. they’re not going to be a simple moving enemy anyway.  I think this one is going to shoot from its face.

Movement plan:
move towards player until reaching a specific distance.
stop and shoot a random range of bullets.
move towards player again if they are out of range.
rinse repeat.

I want to get some basics down before getting into crazy enemies…I do look forward to crazy enemies though. Wanting to get on that boss action.

My small goal before doing some level design and boss is 5 enemies. I want to make 5 unique enemies to fill a level and a boss to put at the end. After that, I’ll make the level look pretty and make some inventory and shit.

In other news, purchased a GPU upgrade today! Christmas bonus from work allowed me a GTX 950. Big ballin on some Helldivers soon….That’s what I’m going to be doing.

Time spent today: Roughly 1 hour.

#7) Room Transitions

I believe I have successfully added a sliding room transition. It currently works linearly, and can easily work for switching to specific rooms. The only confusion I see this causing in the long run, is when the levels are set up through a ds_grid and I have to call to certain parts of the grid to know which room to go to. But, I’m sure when I get more into data structures, it will probably be easier than I expected. *cough cough*

The stupid bug that I ran into more frequently on these transitions was this weird 2 step alarm bug. Instead of moving a single room ahead, it was moving 2 rooms ahead. It turned out that the alarm was being set a step before the room transition object was being created, so when the alarm check was looking for the value that I set, it would take an extra step to see the object that held the alarm. Switched the alarm to a persistent object in the game that controls player placement on room transition and boom….previous and next room traversal.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the sliding transition since it’s kind of weird when going from the top of one room to the bottom of the next (which requires you move the player to the left or the right to not fall back into the previous room). It almost seems better to have no transition, but….I’ll let some people take a look at it and get their input.

Anyway, a pretty successful weekend in Game Maker. Feeling pretty good about it.

Until next time.

Time spent on transitions: 3.5ish hours

#6) Looking for that Motivation!

I’m thinking about the things that I want to do in the game, and I’m having a hard time getting started again now that I know how long some of these things are and how tedious it can be. I’m stuck in consumer mode, wanting to play games and watch games more than make the game.

Tomorrow morning I will have 2 hours to work on game stuff. Maybe I’ll make the test rooms look cleaner, or try to get this inventory data structure thing figured out.

What I know is, I want to keep progressing. Music is more on my mind these last few days. Maybe I’ll make music for the game. I dunno.

#5) Slam!….for now.

So, I have the doors in a usable state. they aren’t optimized for the type of traversal that I’m going to want in the future, but for linear traversal, it’s all working.

Today, I started to feel the slump that these doors have put me in lifting. When I was doing more of the coding than the art, though it was frustrating, I wanted to keep doing it and felt rewarded when something kinda worked.

I’m going to have to do something about the one-way platforms in the future. I’m finding little glitches in the movement code involving the current way that I have them set up. It’s only a problem when dealing with multiple consecutive one-way platforms stacked above each other. It has to do with the vertical speed and the distance to the platform. With the current jump height of the player, the platforms have to be stacked at least 30 pixels above the player for it to not bonk your head when you jump. It’s all in the silly way that the place_meeting check works in Game Maker. It seems as though it checks from the outside edges of the player’s mask on all edges. For instance y+1 is both checked at the top of the mask and the bottom of the mask. I mean, I could be wrong, but this seems to be the case.

The current fix for this….just keep the one-ways away from each other a little bit. Problem band-aided.

I think I’m probably going to work on the animations for the cool scientist that Kale made and probably make some super simple tile sets for level design that don’t make me feel like I’m looking at some sort of smear painting.

Maybe after I get a second enemy in and the tester level design looks a little cleaner, I’ll post a screenshot or something.

Until next time.

Work Time Today: Roughly 3 hours.

#4) Doors….Forever

More door progress. They’re seriously almost done, and I’ll never fuck with them again…..probably. They glow. They open. They have substance…I can stand on them and hit my face on them. Now all I need to do is make me go into one and come out another….and make them stop my face when they’re closed.


Soon….I can move forward. Open a new…what’s the word?…cabinet?…shit, no. What are those things? People open them. uh. Fuck..Chapter? Open a new chapter? Turn over a leaf? Leaves?

Make like a banana and get the fuck out of here. that’s what I’m gonna do.


Time spent today: roughly 1.5 hours.

#3) Doors With Style

The door art is done and the glow animations are in and it looks pretty fucking good. All I need to do is add a little bit of coding and they will be fully functional.

Yesterday was impossible to motivate myself to do these doors, and today…flippin’ did it.

Now I’m going to go for a victory bike ride and hit up some pawn shops for some possible movies or Christmas gifts.

Moving forward!!!