#7) Room Transitions

I believe I have successfully added a sliding room transition. It currently works linearly, and can easily work for switching to specific rooms. The only confusion I see this causing in the long run, is when the levels are set up through a ds_grid and I have to call to certain parts of the grid to know which room to go to. But, I’m sure when I get more into data structures, it will probably be easier than I expected. *cough cough*

The stupid bug that I ran into more frequently on these transitions was this weird 2 step alarm bug. Instead of moving a single room ahead, it was moving 2 rooms ahead. It turned out that the alarm was being set a step before the room transition object was being created, so when the alarm check was looking for the value that I set, it would take an extra step to see the object that held the alarm. Switched the alarm to a persistent object in the game that controls player placement on room transition and boom….previous and next room traversal.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the sliding transition since it’s kind of weird when going from the top of one room to the bottom of the next (which requires you move the player to the left or the right to not fall back into the previous room). It almost seems better to have no transition, but….I’ll let some people take a look at it and get their input.

Anyway, a pretty successful weekend in Game Maker. Feeling pretty good about it.

Until next time.

Time spent on transitions: 3.5ish hours

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