Mobile Game Progress # 15 – Lil’ Tweaks

That’s my new rap name….Lil’ Tweaks. Actually, no. That makes it sound like I’m on meth.

But seriously. I made some android tweaks to make text sit where it should and to make multi touch work the way that I pretty much want it to. Now I just need to start testing levels.

Oh yeah. I added in a save game delete function too, in case you a player ever wants to start from scratch and level their guns differently. I may also include some sort of credit reset system for gun re-leveling, but I’m not to that point yet. there are definitely more little features that I want to add to the core of the game that I’ll gradually add over time.

But now…I believe I start sending it to my close friends for testing and feedback. Hell to the yeah.


Time Spent Today: ~2.5 hours

I ended up doing a little more work on the app. fixed a final level crash bug, or at least I think I have. I haven’t played past the last level yet. >.<
I made a basic little icon and dev logo for the app. Nothing too big.

Additional time spent: ~1 hour

Mobile Game Progress #14 – Saves and Androids

Holy shit! I have created a save system that works. I had to make an array system within an array system that reads from a different array system. Arrayception. But I effing did it. and who knows if it’s the most efficient way to do things, but it works at least.

And about the android business. After figuring out all of these Android SDK and Java DK and DK Donkey Kong settings, I got the game to pull up on my old phone. The text was a bit off on one of the menus and the controls are a little wonky, but it works for the most part. I’m getting so fucking close!

More updates with pictures and maybe a video or something. I dunno. It’s exciting.


Time Spent Today: ~5 hours….7 hours?…I really don’t know. We’ll say 6.

Mobile Game Progress #13? – More Noise

I have some sweet sounds now. Not 100% on the background music, but I’m liking how it’s coming together.

I found out today that in order to export to Android, I need to do a big mess of shit to get it to work. There’s a lot going on with this. Not as simple as I was expecting. I do believe I found out a way to do multi-touch though. I’ll have to export it to test though.

A few more little sound tweaks and I’ll send some friends a pre-alpha build. I can feel it. It’s so close.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~3 hours

Mobile Game Progress #12 – Did You Hear That?

I tried dipping my toe into the realm of sound today. I spent too long getting nothing done. I don’t think I like that sounds that I have so far. The gunshot is decent, but the block destroy and the victory and defeat sounds are whatever. I’m going to have to do some studying on these types of little sounds before I can have something that sounds halfway decent.

I’m off to play some Diablo now! Woo Hoo!.


Time Spent Today: ~1.5 hours.

Mobile Game Progress #11 – Hardly Pre-Alpha!

I have a playable game! There is no sound, and I haven’t tested all of the 20 levels that I made, but it should be ready for testing. I can actually play the game a little bit without really having to worry about as many code issues….I’m hoping at least.

I added “high score” saving and display to the level success screen. It shows the best time for that level. Come to think of it, I need it to show that when the player fails on the level as well…shit. Well, I did that, and also made the guns unlockable with a little unlock splash screen.

I’m going to keep this post brief as well since I’m going to go see the Revenant soon.

Until next time.


Time spent Today: 6.5 hours

Mobile Game Progress #10 – Crushing Gravity

My goal for today was to fix some minor quirks and add new gravity blocks. Goal achieved! I wanted to get things done quick tonight so I can get on some of that Diablo season 5. I just got Reaper of Souls, and have yet to level anything to 70. Nader the Crusader is about to be in action.

Tomorrow is going to be another high efficiency day. Plan on getting a lot done. I have plenty of time to do it. should be fun.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: 1 hour

Mobile Game Progress #9

new blocks

Today was much better than yesterday. I implemented 2 new types of blocks that work seemingly flawlessly and made the new hundreths timer sit where it’s supposed to sit. With the animations on the blocks and the block AI, I feel like I did a lot today.

Gotta keep this post short because I’ve been pulling long nights lately and I’m going to bed early.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~5 hours

Mobile Game Progress #8

It was a weird day today. I created some mechanics that I didn’t really feel super great about after getting them to half-assed work. Maybe when I create more level iterations they’ll feel better, but right now, it’s just kind of whatever.

I’m experimenting with some changes in the way that time is displayed, since this game is a race against the clock type of game. It originally displayed the number of seconds left, but I think it would be better to display the hundredths of a second as well to make the little victories be known.

I am also thinking that I’ll probably add the best times to the level select screen. It gives incentive to play again when you figure out new strategies.

I really want to have another jam day. If work is still slow after tomorrow, I may take Thursday off of work and stay home and crush some game stuff. I know that I probably shouldn’t play hookie on my only income source, but it feels so much more important than the pay that a day would normally give me.

Until next time.


Time Spent today ~2 or 3 hours? I’m not completely sure.

Mobile Project Progress #7

Added a gun select menu after the level select screen. Has some pretty cool transitions. Also added some temporary art for the rocket launcher and assault rifle. Only have 2 more guns to code before I start on the really confusing guns that I came up with today! Oh yeah. More guns.

After the 2 base guns, I’m going to finish up the alternate blocks that I had originally wanted to make, then I make a bunch of levels and let me friends play the alpha! IT’s so close I can taste it.


Time spent today: 3 hours

Mobile Project Progress #6 – BIG DAY

small screenshot

Today, Kale and I crushed on our game projects at my place. I got in so much content in the game today. It’s playable, though incomplete. I have 2 of the guns nearly 100% done minus some balancing. I have the stats working the way that they should, automatically. All I need to do now is add some other variable types of blocks for more puzzle fun variance, finish up the other…4 guns?..yeah…., add 1 neato badito mechanic, and design some levels. I have a goal of making at least 20 levels to start out with. The more sweet block ideas that I come up with, the more level iterations that I can create without feeling too samey.

I’m going to be looking for trustworthy playtesters when I get to a point where I can slam some stuff into a small playable demo. I have 3, but will really be wanting more if I plan on trying to sell or at least market it in the future.

I’ll probably be taking a day off tomorrow…I probably should….I don’t want to, but I should. Ahh who am I kidding? I’ll probably wake up early and crank out a couple hours.

Soon….this will be a real life game.


Time spent today: ~10.5 hours