Mobile Game “Progress” #26 – YoYo Done Fucked Up


I’ve been ordering the levels to make the game flow better, and make more sense with the gun arrangement that I’ve decided on. It was being quirky, copying names and room contents when I renamed rooms to a name that existed previously. Basically, I arranged 50 rooms, while creating a few new ones and getting rid of a few not-so-good ones. I saved often after I thought I had figured out a way around the quirky Game Maker bug. I reload from my save….and rooms are missing completely. Not only that, but multiple rooms have been duplicated under other names. So my rooms are completely fucked. Since I saved often, my backups through Game Maker’s auto-backup system are all fucked up too. The best backup that I have is before I renamed levels 41-50, so I still have the order and contents of those levels.

So…I’m going to have to recreate all 50 levels likely from scratch after copying all of the layouts from a backup I made on Friday morning before I started arranging levels. Quite fucked if I do say so myself.

I have submitted a bug report to YoYo Games. I lost so much work from this BS.

I made some loops for background music. I’ll probably have to make 1 or 2 more before I have enough that I’m happy with using in the game. Sandra likes them. I’m not 100% on some of them yet.

Tomorrow I’ll have to get on the grind of righting the fucking wrongs that Game Maker has done to me.

Quite bummed out.


Time Spent This Weekend: ~6 hours
Time Lost: 3-5 hours
Levels lost: # unknown

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