Mobile Game Progress #28 – More Reconstruction

Literally spent the last hour remaking levels that I’ve already made. I was able to knock out 30 of them. Only 10 to go. I’ll probably finish those off after work or possibly on my lunch break.

I’m seeing that some serious testing will be necessary to find out how the guns are going to fare on their specific levels. I currently have all unlocked guns available for all levels, so if I get caught up on something, I just jump in with another gun. That’s not the system I plan on having in place. I’m thinking more that each set of 10 levels will only be playable with a single gun until all gun specific levels have been completed. After that, you are awarded the “Gun Select” feature at the beginning of each level. This system is a little convoluted with the gun upgrade system that I have currently…I’ll have to figure something out.

Have to go to my paying job now. Boo.


Time Spent Today: 1 hour + ~5 hours

Ended up working on game stuff pretty much the entire night after work. Not what was originally intended.
I finished the levels, put in the music, made some minor bug fixes. I still have some more little things I need to do before I can release an alpha.
It seems as though adding music created some performance issues on my phone. I’m guessing it’s probably memory related. It appeared to work itself out when I cleared my running processes. My phone only has 1GB of memory, so it’s pretty crappy.

I gotta get to bed. I’m very tempted to skip work tomorrow…Really wish I didn’t need money.

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