Mobile Game Progress #28 – Alpha Tweaks

I found quite a few little bugs that I fixed over the weekend. I have a PC and android build both ready to be tested by people now.

Pretty soon, I’m going to put in some minor tutorial functions for new players. I’ve been so close to the game, that I’ve nearly forgotten that some of the functionality isn’t black and white. Kind of like how windows switched to Windows 8 style and confused a bunch of old people.

The gun auto equip is fixed.
The gun select now becomes available on first game completion.
Sound queues have been fixed in a couple strange scenarios.
The gun select and gun upgrade menus have been slightly simplified.
Some balancing has been done to a few of the levels.
Gun upgrade menu text fixed for different platforms. (Game Maker doesn’t like scaling this font)

A few upgrade splash screens and tutorial screens are probably next on the docket. After that, I’m considering adding more player skins for unlockables. I also hate to have to do it, but background colors may be desirable also, and I may be doing that….Really not sure on that one.

After that, new game modes.

I’ll probably do a little work on Kale’s game before I get to the game mode additions.

Until next time.


Time Spent Yesterday: ~2 hours

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